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The Po'okela Street Band consists of ex-patriates from Hawaii, Tonga & Guam, along with native Washingtonian islanders of heart, who share a love of music and moving people with their brand of music.   Below is a short biography of each member of the PSB ohana.  If you would like to contact a member of the group, please send an email from our Contact Us page. One Love!

Ry Akana is the front-man for the Po'okela Street Band. The originator and front man of PSB, he has been performing professionally for 30+ years.  Along with the others in the group, Ry is instrumental in all writing, composing and the arrangement of all PSB music. 


He definitely appreciates all musical genres.  His musical influences stem from from "grass roots" Hawaiian music and artists such as Hawaiian slack-key icon "Pops" Gabby Pahinui, the Sons of Hawai'i and Olomana. His appreciation for contemporary music came from Hawaiian national recording artists Cecilio & Kapono, and Kalapana. The passion for Reggae music was influenced by, none other than the Godfather of reggae music himself, Bob Marley.

Ry keeps a day job as a real estate professional and resides in Bellevue, Wa. Originally from the island of Moloka'i - Mana'e represent! (pop. 7,000 and home of the world famous 
Moloka'i bread from Kanemitsu Bakery), he enjoys Snow surfing, working out and playing golf and spending time with his ohana.



Jye Paet, lead guitarist and vocals, is a native from Yona, Guam.  He and his family transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in 2008.  A talented musician, Jye brings a fresh new musical direction to the PSB sound.   He is a talented singer-songwriter, coupled with his musicianship, provides much needed depth to the PSB music experience.

Jye's muiscal styles are influenced by his love of Jazz, Blues and Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Reggae.  He has been inspired ever since he was a young boy, by all the guitar players in Guam and Hawaii that he was taught by, or had the occassion to jam with.

Jye works for FedEx and resides in Tacoma, Wa.  On his spare time he enjoys spending it with his ohana and customizing guitars.



Ulise is a long time friend of Po'okela Street Band.  We first played with Ulise in Hawaii at the 1996 Jam at the Shell.  It wasn't until he moved to Seattle in 2012, when we got to collaborate more with him.  

A recording artist from the Polynesian island of Tonga.  He is a multi-talented musician and can play any instrument at a very high level of professionalism.  He has recorded numerous hit singles, songs such as "Love is all we need", "We wanna go back" and "Rastaman Live".


Jack Baker, a.k.a "Daddy Boy", is percussionist and backing vocals with the PSB Makers of Music. Jack comes from a very large, musical Hawaiian family. He learned traditional Hawaiian music as a youngster, and developed

his love for all types of music as he got older. He is one the foundation setters in the band, and synchronizes with the drummer to create a rhythm beat unique to the PSB sound.



Shawn Woolford is the newest addition tho the PSB family, coming to Sea-Town by way of Guam. This Chamorro boy is a talented musician! Plays all the instruments (Drums, bass, guitar and keyboards ... as well as providing vocal

reinforcement while playing the drums. He also writes songs and arranges music. Shawn is a integral component to the PSB ohana.

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